¿Esperanza was Traven's Daughter?

The Story of Esperanza Lopez Mateos, Henry Schnautz and B.Traven (and Trotsky)

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Henry Schnautz on motorcycle 1947

Henry Schnautz (1947)

Esperanza Lopez Mateos at airport with books 1946

Esperanza Lopez Mateos (1946) photo by Henry Schnautz

The Last Word

Our story to date. This website has been online since 2008. The focus from the beginning was to examine the question - Was Esperanza Traven's daughter? It was an open question. New genealogy records and the weight of evidence have definitively shown, Esperanza was not Traven's daughter.

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Who is B. Traven

"Everywhere the building of a prison is the first step in the organization of a civilized state." The great writer B. Traven was a mysterious author of the 20s and 30s who wrote stories of the jungle and politics from Mexico. Very little was known at the time who Traven really was. It has taken 100 years to piece together the story of the mystery man - probably.


Translator and business agent of B. Traven, cousin and sister-in-law to filmmaker Gabriel Figueroa, mountain climber, stenographer for Vicente Lombardo Toledano, sister to the president of Mexico (1958-1964), - an unforgettable woman for several men.

Photos of Esperanza taken by Henry 1941-1948


The man from Indiana who went to Mexico in 1940 to be a bodyguard for Leon Trotsky


Photos by Henry Schnautz - 1940-1946

San Andres Tuxtla 1946

Enjoy a day on a hunting trip in the jungle near San Andrés Tuxtla in 1946 - After getting out of the army in spring 1946, Henry went to Mexico, met Esperanza in Mexico City, then took a plane to San Andreas Tuxtla. They meet people and go on a hunting trip. Henry has a decent camera and the negatives were well preserved.

Climb up Popocatepetl - Dec 7, 1941

Esperanza takes Henry along on a club trip up the mountain, and Henry takes a camera.

Esperanza in New York - Photos

- Esperanza spent a month in New York Jan-Feb 1947 and returned the next winter.

Letters 1941 - 1951

Esperanza Ancestry Records

In late October 2015 Ancestry dot com announced the addition of millions of new Mexico records on-line. - the Satisfying Conclusion?

The Unauthorized and Authorized Spanish Editions of B. Traven

Liga Pro Cultura Alemana en Mexico, Editorial Masas and the German communists of the '40s in Mexico

Liga Pro Cultura Alemana was a pro-German anti-Nazi culture organization in Mexico that grew out of the communist Popular Front. Editorial Masas was a small communist aligned publisher. Both were started by the same man, Heinrich Gutmann. Both employed Esperanza Lopez Mateos.

Editorial Masas catalog

La Carta y el Recuerdo

Esperanza wrote a short story in 1943 about a young woman and the death of her friend, an aging writer, a revolutionary, who wanted to think he could get better and make a life with the woman. It may be the truth she couldn't say aloud. "I wanted you to see it for many reasons," she told Henry Schnautz. "If the censor didn't stick his nose in, he could tell you many things, something that would resemble a poem we both wrote in Cuernavaca.

La Carta y el Recuerdo - Spanish

La Carta y el Recuerdo - English

La Carta y el Recuerdo - Original Photos

One page view - phone readable

La Carta y el Recuerdo - Original Photos

Two page view - desktop readable

Connections in La Carta

Trotsky Guard 1940-1943

Henry Schnautz was a guard for Leon Trotsky at his compound in Mexico City starting five weeks before the assassination.

you don't know me...

In 1992, Henry got a letter from a Traven researcher that started off "You don't know me," that set off an exchange of letters that included Henry's summary of what he knew of the relationship between Traven and Esperanza. Michael Baumann, an author on Traven gets involved, but neither researcher knew what to make of it, as it contradicted everything they knew about Traven.

Henry Schnautz Paintings

War Scrap Nuremberg 1945

Nuremberg Photos 1945

La Voz de Esperanza

Henry and Esperanza walk into a recording studio, Feb 13, 1942

Esperanza Studio Photos

Esperanza Studio photos and the curious coincidence of Franz Pfemfert

Club de Exploraciones de Mexico

Esperanza was a lover of mountain climbing, hiking, cave exploring. Here are a few pictures with her Mexico City companions.

Gabriel Figueroa - Todo Mexico

Elena Poniatowska interviews the entire Figueroa family

Gabriel Figueroa - Memorias

Traven Books

cheap books, short descriptions

Traven Links

The other man and Frans Blom as possible B. Traven

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