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Marut, Ret: The Early B. Traven - James Goldwasser - new information here not in the books

Ret Marut - In the Freest State in the World by Ret Marut - the text Marut wrote on going underground in Germany.

B. Traven's Identity Revisited, Tapio Helen

libcom - Traven

English wikipedia B._Traven

wiki Identity of B. Traven

German Wikipedia - B. Traven

Recuerdo de B. Traven - La Jornada - The remembrance of B. Traven by Gabriel Figueroa, in Spanish. Contains a photo of the 1946 trip Esperanza and Henry Schnautz took to San Andres Tuxtla, They also quote from Judy Stone's book word for word without attribution, although probably inadvertently (from Gabriel Figueroa's lecture notes).

Pfemfert, Franz aka Und Gaday 1879-1954 - Henry Schnautz was a friend of Franz Pfemfert in Mexico. Franz Pfemfert probably knew Ret Marut in Germany. Their biographies were very similar. See the good article by James Goldwasser, the Early B. Traven, above. When Pfemfert got to Mexico he got in contact with Natalia Trotsky and opened a photo studio. Henry helped him build it and took Esperanza there.

Franz Seiwert - artist in Germany - friend or associate of both Ret Marut and Franz Pfemfert - with the famous stylized sketch of Marut and other sketches from Pfemfert's Die Aktion

B. Traven Collections at UCR Riverside

Traven - Realist and Prophet - Michael Baumann - Virginia Quarterly Winter 1977

Other Men Theories

Traven's Triumph by Timothy Heyman

El Triunfo de Traven por Timothy Heyman

article Was B. Traven Jewish? tabletmag

Was the Treasure of the Sierra Madre Written in New Orleans? Peter Woods case for Frans Blom PDF

Who is Bruno Traven? - Life Magazine with interview of Esperanza - March 10, 1947

these links broke but dates are good

Time Magazine - Review of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre - Feb 2, 1948

Letter to the Editor - Time March 15, 1948 - Hal Croves

The Secret of El Gringo - Time Magazine - Aug 16, 1948, Luis Spota unveiling B. Traven.

End of the Chase - Time- April 11, 1977

B. Traven's Secret has been long known - Judy Stones letter to the editor, NY Times, July 6, 1990

2005 "Un Quijote en México"- Regina Santiago Núñez

2014 "Otra Máscara de Esperanza" - Adriana González Mateos

A Cartas Vista - Google Books - Gonzalo de Murga - 1906

Corazon de Cristal - Google Books - Elena Mateos - 1935 - no preview available

La Quinta Columna - Columnistas - Personajes by Alfonso Diez - old 2008 columns written by a man in Mexico City which talk about the parentage of Adolfo Lopez Mateos, and to some extent of Esperanza Lopez Mateos. I wrote Senor Diez and started a brief conversation when I first started the website and knew nothing. He concluded, prematurely I think, that the letters I had from Esperanza were not genuine. In his defense he had only seen a couple.

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Book Court - Bridge in the Jungle

B. Traven: a bibliography Edward N. Treverton Google Books

The Man Nobody Knows - Roy Pateman - Google Books

A Study of B. Traven's fiction: the journey to Solipaz - Richard Eugene Mezo - Google Books

first page in Modern Language Qtrly - Baumann on B. Traven's Language 1975

first page in JSTOR - The Night Visitor Reconsidered - Kenneth Payne

first page in JSTOR Baumann - Guthke feud

first page in JSTOR Guthke - Baumann feud