Images of Mexico 1940s

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Most of these photos from 1946

Two women in front of Saddleback Mountain overlooking the Palacio del Osbispado
There were several pictures of these two, this might be Doris and Estela Mason in Monterey, Saddleback Mountain, Palacio del Osbispado. All the pictures on this page by Henry Schnautz, rights reserved
the Zocalo at Mexico City May 1946
The Zocalo public square in Mexico City probably May 1946
Mexico street scene
Mexico street scene
old market Mercado de la Lagunilla
el antiguo Mercado (market) de la Lagunilla
old church
Church of Santa Prisca y San Sebastian, Taxco, Mexico, built 1751 -1758
the Zocalo street scene
The Metropolitan Cathedral on the north side of the Zocalo
Mexican markets
Markets everywhere
1940s Mexican delivery vehicle for wine and spirits
Ciudad de Londres was the liquor vendor for the Trotsky compound.
1940s Mexican street scene 1940s Mexican street scene 1940s Zocalo 1940s Zocalo 1940s man on horse in front of old church
1940s Mexican family with car in ditch
Henry met two women at the opera who sent him this photo