La Voz de Esperanza

stereo photo of esperanza

This is a stereo photo. Try to let each eye see one image and relax til you see a third image in the middle. it might work better if you hold your phone sideways and size the picture to the same centers as your eyes.

esp_track_mp3 1:17

Esperanza and Henry walk into a voice recording studio in Mexico City, Feb 13, 1942 (or maybe 17th)

The quality is not very good, but you can hear the timber of her voice, pick out a few words. There are two sides, Esperanza is heard on one side, and Henry on the other. The total audio each side is only a minute, much of what Esperanza says is inaudible. Nearly every word of Henry is inaudible. They sent the record home to Henry's mother in Indiana.

What does it all say? Since they lived close to each other, they could have seen each other every day if work schedules had permitted, so a lot of the letters from 41-42 are low points. This must have been a high point.

my partial transcription is just my best guess at times

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no no no... 24 hours a day ... I should like for him to accompany me in mountain climbing... stay at home... sleeping all day long like a child... he always... it concerns me... its how... sometimes he says... do you love much more than sport... then he loves me... and he thinks earnestly... how to make a better life with me... so we can't see how to... how... could go... I think its... he refuses to... told me I have a noble face... and I am a dope for saving so much money but that's that... but I like his blue eyes... his oval face... the way he smiles... and in the way he tells me... that he's as smart as me... because he doesn't... show me who's the boss... boys... they never come... they are just babies... (man - that's all)