2014 Firefly Photos
How to take Pictures of Fireflies in Flight - written after 2009 using a Canon G7

Firefly 2013 -SmugMug

Firefly 2013 - Flickr

Firefly 2012 - Canon G12 - link to Smugmug gallery
Firefly 2011 - DSLR - these are pretty good but I went back to the high end compact in 2012
Firefly 2007-2009 - 1280 pixels (single page - scroll down)

All of these pictures were taken with a 10 mp Canon G7, a compact, see the 2009 tutorial for how to do it.


Both images to the right are available for free use as a CreativeCommons license




Esperanza Lopez Mateos - Henry Schnautz - B. Traven - Trotsky - Mexico

Esperanza was B. Traven's Daughter? - a friend of mine had a storied life.
Who is Straka? - "S" by Doug Dorst is a fiction published October 2013 that is based partly on the B. Traven identity mystery. I list a few parallels.
Evansville Zoo - Early Newspaper clippings - My great-uncle Clem Kevekordes was the first superintendent of the Evansville Zoo from the beginning until about 1936. Here are some newspaper clippings from his personal scrapbook
Seeing in the Dark - Paleolithic Cave Art
CAD Models

Uhaul Trailer used a picture of mine to create a graphic (by a very good artist named Steve King) that is on the side of 1900 trucks.

U-Haul Firefly Website

Flickr (fireflies, flowers, bugs, sunsets, babies)
Photo Gallery on SmugMug


Have faith in the desired end. The universe is infinite in all directions. There is never a reason to be bored. Follow your fascinations; follow your impulses. Trust your (responsible) impulses. Trust your natural ablility. Don't be violent.

This is not my baby or my photo - but i love this picture. The photographer is here at Twisted Vintage Studios - collage art and greeting cards

Old Family Website Mirror - 1999-2003 family website, old family pics (and some old vbscript only works on MS Explorer) includes the famous technicolor snail

Family Photo Albums

Priest Family 1

Priest Family 2

Priest Family 3

Ptiest Family 4

Priest Family 5

Priest Family 6


Firefly Photography - older stuff



Terry Priest

Stalking the wild firefly
You have permission to print for personal use. I would go to smugmug and print from there. I always enjoy and always respond to emails. I grant free use most of the time, especially for academic, educational, non-profit. For any commercial purpose please ask.
There are also 5 images with Wiki Commons Rights, you can use without permission but need to maintain the attribution and flickr link.
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