San Andres Tuxtla

May 14, 1946, Henry and Esperanza took a plane from Mexico City to San Andres Tuxtla in Veracruz. Henry was discharged from the Army in April 1946, and was on a train to Mexico City on May 1. I have no details of the trip, just two plane tickets and a lot of pictures. This is the largest group of negatives of Esperanza, more than 100. In his notebook he says the trip was to Tuxtla and does not mention any secondary location. Negatives are 120 format, some are quite sharp, cut in pairs, no way to sequence them except by looking at them.

The Spanish language magazine Jornada has an article about Gabriel Figueroa's recollections of Traven with a picture of Esperanza from this same trip. Compare it to the hunting trip pictures. Probably Esperanza also had a camera, as Henry also had a few prints and no negatives. They caption the picture Ocosingo but I think that is unlikely.

Recuerdo de B. Traven - La Jornada

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Hunting trip

Swimsuit - Henry wrote mermaid on the back of one of these
Eating Flower Dress - "Secondaria Escuela de los Tuxtlas" and native dwellings
Boats and Water Town - standing with a young man, in front, and in back of a house. I would be surprised if they did not have something to do with Esperanza's early life.
Airplane2 - maybe the return trip Grape Dress - lakeside