Henry Schnautz letter - 1940-9-20

This letter was returned to sender, Henry, address unknown. I cannot make out the original date, it may have been Aug 31, 1940. The postmark in Evansville is 9-20-1940. Probably someone told him the addressee was interested in Trotsky. Stuck in another letter he received from his sister Marie, I opened it for the first time since Henry had sealed it in 1940. Sad and dogmatic, but it gives a feeling for what was happening after the assassination. After leaving Mexico in 1943, Henry attended an SWP convention in New York in 1946, but he no longer seems to be the true believer as he is here. When he was in his 70s, he told me that Marx never created a blueprint for government. He only listed the problems he saw in industrial Europe, the sweat shops, the dangerous work, exploitation of children, lack of education for working children. Lenin, he said, created the communist state, and when he closed the borders, it was no longer a workers state, but a prison. Its fair to say though, that Henry had little faith in capitalism. The depression he lived through during his 20s, he expected to someday return.