Trotsky paper Aug 20, 1940

After Henry passed away, his wife gave me this "old newspaper" one night. I immediately recognized the date as the day Trotsky was killled, but I wondered why Henry had not saved the next day's paper that had the story of the assassination, then I realized the stains were not paint or dirt. It was one of many times I got goose bumps while looking through the artifacts Henry left behind. I took it home to photograph it. I remembered there were photographs of the murder scene in the David King photo biography. When I turned to the page with the picture of Trotsky's desk, there was the same paper on the floor, with the same stains clearly recognizable. You dont get to participate in these kind of adventures every day. Donna donated the paper to Harvard.

Harvard Archive

photo of Trotsky's study after the struggle
p. 311, Trotsky, Photographic Biography, Blackwell, 1986, David King