Tour outside the Trotsky compound - B&W 1940 by Henry Schnautz- color 1959 by his brother John Schnautz (i believe)


Trotsky compound - circa 1940. Ixtacuihatl (the Sleeping Lady) is to the left. Her head is to the left. Popocatepetl is to the right. The compound itself is beyond the white wall. Inside the compound, the largest tree, Henry says, "a Eucalyptus fully 90 ft high and 4 ft at base".


Taken from the same angle as the previous picture, but closer. The small tower near (what i consider the back of the compound), the large tower to the left, the main control tower at the far back corner, the entrance to the right..
Here you can see the dirt road. Town is back the other way?
Taken by Henrys brother John, probably 1959 (according to his son). Not much change in 20 years, some stains running down the wall from the roof of the small tower. The street is more distinct
opposite side, 1959 by John Schnautz. This is what they called the main control tower in 1940, because it directly overlooked the entrance from the garage. The old garage door visible in this picture..
the view today, I believe this is where Jacson the assassin parked and entered through the now blocked up garage entrance. the guard in the tower looked down and opened the door electrically.

see this view in google streetview


the front, 1959 by John Schnautz.

Henry wrotes these notes about the physical appearance.

appearance of place - typically Mexican, not movie version
approach - av. Viena, mud or dust
Rio Churubusco women washing
adobe huts foundation washed away
roofs of tin, straw or boards

exterior - wall varying 15-25 ft height.
old 3 story stucco tower at SE corner of rectangle,
2 new towers rising above wall at opposite corners -
and only entrance - steel double (small door) door at corner opposite main tower

interior , another steel door into the garage and smaller grilled door into garden - guard with drawn gun opens first door, guard in tower pushes button to open 2nd into garden.

walls strung with wire and lights, trees and shrubs trimmed close and high to afford good view. Large popote, ash, 4 red cedars, fig, pear, apple and largest by far, a Eucalyptus fully 90 ft high and 4 ft at base

flowering shrubs, creepers, vines, cactus, lirios in wild profusion.

behind garage the 19 rabbit hutches and farther still, continuing to farther wall, the hen house with 4 dozen chickens.

House itself a section of 4 one story rooms originally servant quarters built into South Wall - the massive tower in S.E. corner, base used as kitchen and house proper, dining room and library (2 huge rooms) with L.D.'s quarters, the study, bath and 2 bedrooms forming AJ