Henry Schnautz photos of Natalia, Seva and family, 1959

In 1959 (or 1958) Henry passed through Mexico City and stopped at the Trotsky Compound. Seva, Trotsky's grandson, and Natalia Trotsky were still there. Seva"s mother Zina was Trotsky's daughter by his first marriage. She died in Berlin, unable to return to Russia, when Seva was 7. Natalia would pass away in Paris in 1962.

Seva, Trotsky's grandson, and Natalia Trotsky

This is either Dr. Nora Volkow or her sister. Nora Volkow is the director of the American National Institute on Drug Abuse which is part of the National Institutes of Health.

She is a leading researcher on drug addiction and the physical changes it makes to the brain.
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