trotsky tour inside the compound 1940

Henry sent these pictures home, numbered and wrote descriptions on the back. The orginals are 1.75" x 2.75", glossy, in good shape, except for the first one, small, but they scan and enlarge well. I believe they are July-August 1940, before the assassination. I have added a few miscellaneous pictures that seem to be taken at the same time.


No. 1

The CherubuscoRiver is to the left. The new part added to the wall is white. my room had been the large tower, my window is facing this way.


(The large tower is to the left, the main control tower is in the far background. the small tower is in the foreground.)



Trotsky compound - circa 1940. Ixtacuihatl (the Sleeping Lady) is to the left. Her head is to the left. Popocatepetl is to the right. Mexico City is in a high basin at 7500 feet elevation, hence the cold nights. The compound itself is beyond the white wall. I am not sure if this back portion was part of it. Inside the compound, the largest tree, Henry says, "a Eucalyptus fully 90 ft high and 4 ft at base".

the small tower is to the near side. the large main tower to the left, the other large tower is at the far corner, and i think the entry is at the corner (unseen) to the right.


this one wasn't labeled, looking down at the garage and entrance from the main control tower, I believe you can see the gated door, see #4 for the opposite view


No. 2

as seen from a window of the small tower in foreground of picture no. 1

No. 3

same as no. 2 - main control tower on extreme right visible


No. 4

taken inside thru 2nd grated door. Main control tower on the right.


No. 5

doorway same as in No. 4 in middle of picture.


the path runs to base of large tower seen in no.1. the wooden stairs leads to my present room

the pieces broken from the brick wall even with Jake's belt, made by machine guns in May 24 attempt


No. 7

looking toward the small tower in foreground of No.1, taken from kitchen porch.



these two pictures may have been taken a little later, but it also is looking toward the guard's quarters. the small tower is one that does not stick up above the outside walls. the garage/entrance is behind. the big eucalyptus tree, near which they set up the machine guy on May 24, is visible to the right.  


No. 8

the building in background is city hall. was headquarters of Cortez in 1521 in his 2nd attempt to take city of Mex.

this is in Coyoacan.

(and Jake Cooper - Jake left the compound shortly after the assassination)


No. 9

The Churubusco River 1/2 mile above our place. 1/2 mile below us is the convent where the Mex. and Am. army fought in 1847 in Mex. war.