Ruby Weil

Ruby Weil was an American communist who played a role in the events leading up to the assassination of Leon Trotsky. Ruby was born in Evansville, Indiana, the daughter of a well known businessman. Her father was the president of a large printing company around the turn of the century called Keller Crescent. After the Trotsky assassination Henry Schnautz wrote to Joseph Moore, Episcopal pastor in Evansvile, asking him what he knew of Ruby Weil. See the Joseph Moore letter 1940-9-9 for a discussion of Ruby's role.


Louis Budenz - was first a communist leader in the United States, then a leading anti-communist witness for the FBI in numerous cases against Soviet agents. Louis Budenz was from Indianapolis. He said he was a family friend of Ruby before either of them joined the party. Budenz recruited Ruby Weil for the task of introducing Sylvia Ageloff to Trotsky's eventual assassin. Budenz says neither he nor certainly not Ruby knew for what purpose they were acting. They were told that their actions were to prevent a Trotsky plot against Stalin's life. Ruby in fact was reluctant and had to be coaxed. Living in New York, befriending known Trotskyists, a complaint was lodged against her apparent disloyalty by fellow Communist party members. Ruby tried to back out, according to Budenz, "Men Without Faces", 1950, but she was persuaded. She carried out her assignment to introduce Sylvia Ageloff to the Spaniard Jacques Mornard in Paris. Ruby was upset, according to Budenz, that such elaborate and mysterious plans were being made without her knowledge of why she was involved. Two years later, after the assassination, her name surfaced immediately when the police asked Sylvia Ageloff how she met Mornard. Even then, according to Budenz, she tried to return to the Communist party, but was denied. She had been used. That is why Ruby Weil is mentioned in every book on the Trotsky Assassination. She was an unknowing, reluctant but effective accomplice.

The Weil family in Evansville are a distinguished family. Emil died in 1917 at the age of 43.

Ruby Weil's 1920 Yearbook - Central High School, Evansville, In.

Emil Weil - Ruby's father


Louis Budenz

The Shameful Years - 1952, Louis Budenz


1910 Census - Washington Ave age place of birth
Emile - Head 36 Germany
Elizabeth - Wife 36 Germany
Ervin - Son 13 Indiana
Gertrude - Daughter 12 Indiana
Marian - Daughter 8 Indiana
Ruby - Daughter 6 Indiana
Samuel - Son 5 Indiana
Helena - Daughter 3 Indiana
Corrinne - Daughter 10 months Indiana
1920 Census - Powell Ave age place of birth
Elizabeth - Head 46 Rheine? Germany
Ervin - Son 23 Indiana
Gertrude - Daughter 21 Indiana
Marian - Daughter 18 Indiana
Ruby - Daughter 16 Indiana
Samuel - Son 14 Indiana
Helena - Daughter 12 Indiana
Corrinne - Daughter 10 Indiana
Amelia - Mother in Law 76 Rheine? Germany
1930 Census - New York City - Manhattan age place of birth
Marian Weil - Head 28 Indiana
Ruby Weil - Sister 26 Indiana