The telegram Trotsky sent to Sheldon Harte's parents expressing his sympathy. Henry (Hank) Schnautz became a guard on July 12, 1940, in effect Harte's replacement. This is the guard list at the time of the assassination. After the assassination, Otto, Walter and Henry would remain (with Munis though he doesnt seem to have pulled much guard duty).

source - "Writings of Leon Trotsky", Pathfinder Press, (1939-40) p 295

thanks to John Plant, Revolutionary History, for sending me a copy.


Telegram to Mr. Harte [219]

June 25, 1940

My wife, my collaborators, I, bow in deep mourning before the grief of the mother and father of our dear Bob. Only consolation in these bitter hours is that the wild slander against Bob through which the assassins tried to conceal the assassination is now unmasked. As a hero, Bob perished for ideas he believed in.
Natalia and Leon Trotsky, Joe Hansen, Harold Robins, Charles Cornell, Jake Cooper, Otto Schuessler, Walter O'Rourke.

[219] "Telegram to Mr. Harte." Socialist Appeal, June 29, 1940, where
it appeared under the title "Body of Sheldon Harte, Trotsky Secretary, Is Found,
Spiking Stalinist Attempt to Implicate Him As Accomplice."

Joseph Hansen
Harold Robins
Charles Cornell
Jake Cooper
Otto Schuessler
Walter O'Rourke (Ketley)


Date: Sunday August 4th, 1940

Walter - get milk from Fanny(?)

Take N(atalia) to concert

Charly (Cornell) -City, Siren, investigate foto-electric cel and plaque (?)

Walter - to town

Friday Aug 9, 1940

Harold 9 to 1 to Advanas and Ford repair

Mon Aug 12 - Henry intends to be off

Jake off Sunday afternoon

(on the back - Harold was keeping track of his hours, and someone wrote, find if anything good is on at Belles Artes or theatres.)




Labor Assignments

1. Canvas for sandbags - Joe (Joe's day off)

get truck to haul rubbish from outside door

2. Concrete - Hank (Schnautz)

3. Siren mounted - Charles (Cornell)

test buzzer in Hank's room

4a. Mount other Spot

b. Plan for more spots

c. Replace bulb under main Gariton(?) shining on street - Harold (Robins)

5. Clean and polish Dodge - Walter (O'Rourke) and Jake (Cooper)

6. Trim foliage

light handles on Library and dining room windows - Otto (Schuessler)