letters 1949-51

1949_2_14 - I can walk some steps with crutches
1949_3_31 - there is not reason to lose heart
1950_3_7 - Esp to Marie Schnautz - he didn't refuse openly, he only didn't accept my plans, for he has already made his own plans, that's all ...
1950_9_19 - when do we see each other again?
1950_10_14 - I can walk perfectly
1950_10_30 - neither the day that I die you will be able to say "good-bye" because I know that always in any place of this or of another world, we will be to discuss and .... to love...
1950_12_29 - of simple things memories are made
1951_1_12 - some day when we are still not too old
1951_2_25 - I hope that miracle is made, and that we can recover all the time that is lost...


1951_10_31 - Hal Croves to Henry Schnautz
1951_11_24 - Hal Croves to Henry Schnautz