letters/pictures first New York trip Jan 1947

1947_1_25 - Arrive La Guardia Sunday Jan 26 1947...
1947_2_27 - Postcard from Cuba Feb 27, 1947, "Only a day away from "Apartment 15" and I miss you already" E
Henry's apartment in NYC Bridge in NYC

Esperanza with Henry's sister Caroline Carrera at her home in Arlington, Virginia with two of her children

I dont know what this is. Maybe a souvenir of a museum exhibit. The poem of course is from Esperanza, New York 1947. I have a negative, not the original. translation iffy.
Sweet mouth, smiling
if a sweet laugh
You were the owner.
Why do you not encourage more
and are you lost?
What did life tell you?
Sweet mouth, smiling.
Boca dulce, risuena,
si de un dulce reir
fuisteis la duena.
Por que no alentais mas
y estais perdida?
Por que os dijo la vida?
Boca dulce, risuena.
The long road home?