letters 1943 -45

1943_3_18 - worried about the health of my father... Dec. 24 I got the rest of your story
1943_3_22 - from Walter Ketley (O'Rourke)
1943_4_7 - Natalia Trotsky to Henry
1943_4_15 - from Walter Ketley (O'Rourke)
1943_8_3 - My old one every day is crazier and he only knows how to give me displeasures.
1943_9_2 - Although you are in the end of the world,
1943_9_27 - Hopefully by December all will be finished
1943_11_6 - mi viejo más loco que nunca pero trabajando duro...
1943_11_17 - I cannot break the knots of affection...I am sorry you have not received my book, because for many reasons I had wanted you to see it ...close the eyes, think intensely of that day...
1943_11_29 - a couple of roguish types...how much time will pass before we can fight again.
1943_12_16 - mi padre ha vuelto a la selva
1943_12_27 -Cuídate mucho Blue Eyes, cuídate mucho para mí.