La Voz de Esperanza


Esperanza and Henry walk into a voice recording studio in Mexico City, Feb 13, 1942 (or maybe 17th)

The quality is not very good, but you can hear the timber of her voice, pick out a few words. There are two sides, Esperanza is heard on one side, and Henry on the other. The total audio each side is only a minute, much of what Esperanza says is inaudible. Nearly every word of Henry is inaudible, however, Henry wrote a script for his part and we have it. We can make out just enough of his audio to verify the script. They sent the record home to Henry's mother in Indiana. Takes a while to load on dial-up of course. Split into 15 second clips, then to help with transcription, with 10 second in-between clips.

What does it all say? This must have been a high point. Henry introduces Esperanza to his mother as the woman who will be his own. Esperanza doesnt object.


The Esp audio starts out really bad and gets a little better, here is one of the best spots. Below is the whole record, with my partial transcriptions, not guaranteed, even a simple error might completely change the meaning. For instance, does Henry call her a dope for saving or spending so much money, either way she says, but that's that. Her independence comes out.
(10 secs) but i like his blue eyes, his .... face, the way he smiles, and the way he tells me .... not as smart as me, because he doesn' show me who's the boss. Esperanza Feb 1943 clip 03 mp3




no no no

24 hours a day

I should like for him to accompany me in mountain climbing

Esp-00-15 mp3


Esp-10-20 mp3

... stay at home ... sleeping all day long like a child

he always ... it concerns me ... its how

sometimes he says ... do you love much more than sport

then he loves me ... and he thinks earnestly

Esp-15-30 mp3


Esp-25-35 mp3

how to make a better life with me ...

so we can't see how to ...

how... could go...

I think its...

he refuses to...

Esp-30-45 mp3


Esp-40-50 mp3

told me I have a noble face...

and I am a dope for saving so much money but that's that

but I like his blue eyes

his oval face

the way he smiles

and in the way he tells me

that he's as smart as me...

Esp-45-60 mp3


Esp-55-65 mp3

because he doesn't...

show me who's the boss...


they never come

they are just babies

(man - that's all)


Esp-60-77 mp3