I bought a used copy of "Brucken nach Mexiko", Wolfgang Kiessling, Dietz Verlag, 1989.

The dust jacket has a photo of a speech by Vicente Lombardo Toledano, the Mexican politician and marxist who had a professional relationship with Esperanza Lopez Mateos from 1938 or earlier until her death. In the front row is a woman who resembles Esperanza. Unfortunately its a half-tone reproduction, so there is not much detail. Its a great photo showing the crowd standing on the stairs.

The caption reads - Vicente Lombardo Toledano spricht bei der Veranstaltung zur Eroffnung der 2. Front (1942)

Vicente Lombardo Toledano speaks at the event to open the 2nd Front (1942)

Stalin had repeatedly asked Roosevelt and Churchill to open up a second front in France or elsewhere in Europe fearing that without it Hitler would defeat Russia being able to concentrate his forces. This of course was not accomplished until D-Day 6 June 1944 and after the Battle of Stalingrad between August 1942 to February 1943.

Mexico entered the war with Germany in May 1942.


an earlier photo of Esperanza